Great Body Weight Exercises For Runners

1. Single leg bridge

Although squats may theoretically build all of your glutes during eccentric contraction.

Single leg bridge

The fact is that most of us runners only wind up further strengthening our quadriceps and ignoring the glutes entirely.

2. Squat 

Trainers adore squats, but as we've shown, they may exercise difficult to employ effectively for building glute strength.


If done incorrectly, they might place undue strain on your glutes while the muscles are at rest. 

3. Hamstring curl

To begin working your hamstrings against gravity across their whole range of motion, hamstring curls are an excellent choice. 

Hamstring curl 

Runners frequently complain of 'tight' hamstrings because the muscle groups are strengthened through a limited range of motion when running. 

4. Crab walk

A challenging but powerful little move is the crab walk.

Crab walk

Which forces your hamstrings to work while maintaining your body weight and is a natural progression from curls.

5. Supermans

Even while frontal body stretches feel amazing, you would be better to focus on building strength in your back.


Even while frontal body stretches feel amazing, you should focus on building power in your back instead.

6. Pull ups

Pull ups are the next level of back strength training after supermans.

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