Great Communication Exercises For Couples

1. Listening Without Interruption

It is a common occurrence for one partner to speak while the other waits for their turn to speak or thoroughly interjects. 

Listening Without Interruption

This straightforward exercise aims to eradicate this undesirable behavior. 

2. Expressing Gratitude

Frequently, the commonplace little things that couples do for one another go unnoticed. 

Expressing Gratitude

This exercise can also have a positive cascading effect on the relationship.

3. Mirroring

The classic communication technique of mirroring helps prevent this.


It occurs. And it inevitably results in an unpleasant argument.

4. The 40-20-40 Process

The 40-20-40 procedure is a specific exercise in communication designed for compassionate listening and constructive conflict resolution. 

The 40-20-40 Process

To this end, accusatory statements should be avoided, and the sole focus should be on how each individual feels.

5. The Stress Reducing Conversation

Your partner discusses their stress, and you promptly begin to consider solutions to their issues. 

The Stress Reducing Conversation

However, sometimes it is best to simply listen without offering advice. 

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