Hair Trends Set to Explode in 2023

1. Slick Artistry

Artistry has returned, and hairstylists are regaining their creative spark.

Slick  hair

Luke Hersheson notes a return to grooming. "For so long, it has been all about the haircut," he explains.

2. Crown Care

Taking care of your scalp may not be the most thrilling trend, but it is essential for healthy hair.

Crown Care

Jen Atkin, whose newly-launched Ouai Anti-Dandruff Shampoo includes salicylic acid to minimize flaking and soothe inflammation.

3. The Box Bob

Syd Hayes forecasts that the "box" style will become one of the most popular in 2023.

The Box Bob

Less about layers and more about linear lines and angles, a sharp form is arresting.

4. Luxurious Long Hair

Whether due to hair extensions or natural growth, hair continues to grow longer by the day.

Luxurious Long Hair

It could be a classic blowout or large, voluminous waves, but whatever it is, it's an antidote to the past few years.

5. Side Partings

George Northwood typically prefers a middle part, but he believes the time is right to flip the parting to the side.

Side Partings

Especially with a bob, it creates an abrupt feeling of novelty and freshness.

6. The Wet Look

Cannes Film Festival, predicts that ultra-glossy, impossibly shiny, damp-looking hair will be a ubiquitous 2023 trend.

The Wet Look

 Chanel and Saint Laurent demonstrated how to wear this style at any length, whether center-parted, side-parted deeply, down, or textured.

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