Hair Yoga For Growth And Thickness

1. Prithvi mudra

Prithvi represents the ground energy that is present in all living things.

Prithvi mudra

The same ingredient is encouraged by performing this mudra for hair development.

Prithvi mudra

In addition to stimulating the hair tissues and encouraging hair growth, Prithvi mudra also helps reduce the body's fire element.

2. Prasanna mudra

Prasanna mudra, often called Balayam yoga, is the most popular method for stimulating hair growth.

Prasanna mudra

By stimulating the passage of blood and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles, this mudra can help you get fuller, healthier hair.

Prasanna mudra

This mudra consists primarily of rubbing the tips of your fingers together.

3. Vaayu mudra

This Vaayu-based mudra promotes hair development, as the name would imply.

Vaayu mudra

Vaayu, from the body, those suffering from conditions related to an imbalance of the air element might experience alleviation through the practice of this mudra.

Vaayu mudra

Since worry has been linked to hair loss, practicing this mudra may be helpful.

4. Prana mudra

This mudra for hair development uses all three fingers and is thought to increase life force.

Prana mudra

Because it symbolizes prana, or life force, this mudra is regarded as particularly powerful.

Prana mudra

Prana mudra is a set of hand gestures used to open the body to the unrestricted flow of life force.

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