Haircuts Everyone in Los Angeles Wants Right Now

1. The Heartthrob Haircut

Everything from the '90s has made a significant comeback, and this cut feels like a modern nod to that era.

The Heartthrob Haircut

There are no sharp boundaries. Just soft edges in a bit of hair at the nape along the neck.

2. French Long Bob with Fringe

I adore this haircut because it is fashionable and makes your hair appear healthier. 

French Long Bob with Fringe

The ends are bluntly cut and strike just above the chest, with very soft, long layers distributed throughout for concealed movement. 

3. Very Blunt Bobs

Eric Torres, the proprietor of Bombshell Salon in Santa Monica, states that his clients have been requesting a sharp, abrupt bob. 

Very Blunt Bobs

The neat, middle-parted style complements most hair types, including straight and wavy tresses.

4. Natural Curls

The Mane Choice, voluminous curly cuts are currently popular on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. 

Natural Curls

Consider a combination of contemporary Afro hairstyles and layers that frame the face. 

5. Textured Bobs

The key to getting the most out of the color or accents with this cut is strategically placed layers.

6. Breezy Beach Waves

Torres coined this term for the lengthy, wavy hairstyles that clients frequently request.

Breezy Beach Waves

Straight down the middle, the style appears effortless at first inspection, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

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