Hangover-Friendly Fast Food

Eggs Sandwiches

The biscuit also provides carbs to soak up the remains of the ethanol. 

Crunchwrap Supreme

Crunchwrap Supreme is one Twitter user's favorite hangover treatment. 

Whataburger meal

One Reddit user's remark received several "upvotes" because he eats Whataburger when he wakes up feeling bad.

Sourdough Jack

Sourdough description Jack explains beef peppered as it grills, walnut-smoked bacon, tomato plants, melty Swiss-style cheddar cheese.

Burger with Fries

A hangover-friendly In-N-Out burger is delicious any time. 

Chicken Sandwiches

Today's foodscape unfairly demonizes grains. Refined grains including bread, rice, cereal, rolls, and buns are eaten.


One Twitter the customer's hangover meal is a Subway Italian BMT, which is fine.

Waffle House

In researching this piece, several people recalled unique meals, many of those that are included here. 

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