Health Benefits Of Yoga

1. Improve flexibility and mobility

For good reason, yoga is recommended for improving flexibility.

Improve flexibility and mobility

Whether you're flexible or tight, Warrior and Downward Facing Dog can improve your mobility in just a few minutes a day.

2. Build strength

The only way to build muscle is by lifting large weights, but you can also increase your strength through daily yoga practice. 

Build strength

Yoga course exhibited'significant improvements' in muscular strength in comparison to the control group.

3. Correct posture

80 women, rigorous, short-term yoga posture sessions improved spine mobility, notably bending, more than any other training program.

Correct posture

Daily yoga improves posture, allowing you to walk taller and sit more erect at your desk. 

4. Support heart health

Yoga is heart-healthy, a lesser-known advantage.

Support heart health

One study indicated that five-year yoga practitioners over 40 had reduced blood pressure and pulse rates.

5. Weight loss

Weight loss doesn't require daily Hot Yoga. Exercise is only part of losing weight. 

Weight loss

Restorative yoga, done slowly with lengthy holds and deep breathing, helped overweight women shed belly fat in a University of California research.

6. Cultivate self-awareness

Yoga increases your mind-body connection, helping you manage negative emotions instead of numbing them.

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