Healthiest Fast Food Burgers, Ranked


World-famous mini-squar patties. Shouldn't each little burger have fewer calories.

White Castle Sliders

If you want a Five Guys burger with everything, choose the "Little Beef" or "Little Cheeseburger.

Little Hamburger

Since attending school near New York City, I've learnt that people enjoy Shake Shack.

Shack Single Shackburger

This section is for West Coast fans. Enjoy In-N-Out hamburgers a cult favorite.

Out Hamburger 

I prefer vegetable over meat burgers. However, fast food veggie burgers aren't always available.

Veggie Burger

Whopper again for BK. The food doesn't appear. It has sesame seed buns, fiber-filled veggies, and numerous sauces.

Burger King 

This hamburger is one of the healthiest fast food burgers, despite my envy of Wendy's pigtail braids. 


Mickey D's was inevitable on this list. The restaurant has been criticized for its unhealthy food, yet the traditional hamburger is quite moderate.


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