Home Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

1. Plank And Platform Jumps

Perform front (traditional), side, opposite side, and back (belly-up) planks for 60 seconds, with 15 seconds of pause in between.

Plank And Platform Jumps

This will engage your core while developing explosive power.

2. Bridge And Burpees

Bridges strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and the core as a whole. 

Bridge And Burpees

Perform 5 bridges, holding each for 30 seconds and pausing for 15 seconds in between.

3. V-Hold And Step-Ups

From a seated position on the floor, lean your torso back and elevate your feet and legs straight in front of you to create a "V" shape with your body. 

V-Hold And Step-Ups

Hold for 60 seconds, then relax for 30. Several occasions.

4. Pulses And Mountain Climbers

Start by sitting on the floor with a straight back, then recline back until your torso is at a 45-degree angle 

Pulses And Mountain Climbers

Pulse a few inches up and down to engage your core. Perform three sets of 20 pulses separated by 30 seconds of rest.

5. Sit-Ups And Bicycle

Sit-ups are monotonous and do not target all main muscle groups. But they still have a place in your larger arsenal of abdominal exercises.

Sit-Ups And Bicycle

Aim for one sit-up every two seconds for sixty seconds, followed by fifteen seconds of rest. Several occasions.

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