hottest summer hair colors to try in 2023

1. Golden Bronze

This season, "Golden Bronze" is the honey brown shade to attempt if you want to add vibrancy and dimension to your strands. 

Golden Bronze

Women are embracing healthy hair, and warm honey blonde is a tone that complements most complexions without requiring excessive lightening.

2. Ash Gold

It is the ideal combination of mild and chilly blonde. 

3. Beachy Bronde

The versatile hue of blonde has become increasingly popular as we approach summer.

4. Sandy Copper

Celebrities such as Phoebe Dynevor, Sydney The man, and Barbie Ferreria are still sporting the color Cooper this summer. 

5. Punk Hair

As summer approaches, individuals become more carefree, which is reflected in their tresses. 

6. Fantasy Colors

Dopamine dressing is enormous this summer, and what more appropriate way to partake in the trend than with orange.

7. Strawberry Brunette

You may have heard of strawberry blonde, but this season is dominated by brunettes.

8. Blonde Babylights

Sometimes, a burst of color is all we need, and baby lights provide just that. 

9. ‘90s Blonde

With the recent revival of '90s beauty icons such as Pamela Anderson, blonde is returning in a major manner this summer. 

90s Blonde

This color has a juvenile appearance and is balanced with just the perfect amount of golden blonde, according to Bodt.

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