Hydrating Drinks For A Healthier Weight

1. Infused Water

The method differs from creating lemon water because no fruit juice is added to the water.

Infused Water

Your water takes on the flavor of the ingredients you added, making this a low-calorie way to flavor your water.

2. Coffee

There are coffee diets in which you consume at least three glasses of coffee per day while restricting your caloric intake.


There is even some evidence for the effect, as caffeine may aid to slightly increase your metabolism while providing an energy boost.

3. Bulletproof Coffee

The official formulation is comprised of a particular variety of MCT oil, butter, and Bulletproof coffee beans. 

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is ultimately a fat-laden beverage. 

4. Vegetable Juice

Not only is vegetable juice an excellent source of nutrients, but it also has fewer calories than fruit juice. 

Vegetable Juice

You can purchase vegetable juice or prepare it yourself. Check the nutritional information before you purchase the item.

5. Kombucha

In actuality, kombucha is a low-calorie beverage, with an eight-ounce glass typically comprising around 30 calories.


Additionally, Kombucha is a probiotic, which is another reason to consume the beverage frequently. 


Even though research in this area is limited, Kombucha may have a direct effect on weight loss.

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