Layered Cuts and Styles for Every Face Form

1. Gradual Swoop

You should request irregular layers from your stylist. 

Gradual Swoop

To achieve her ideal inward bend, she will require some heat grooming. 

2. Minimal Waves

Her soft, skillfully merged cut complements all hair varieties and textures.

3. Feathered Feel

Your sideburns should be balanced by uneven layers. 

Feathered Feel

This will give your tresses a haphazard appearance, as opposed to a more structured and styled appearance.

4. Polished Chignon

Those who favor updos should concentrate on the front layers of their hair. 

Polished Chignon

This trim, similar to curtain fringe, instantly amps up any bun or ponytail.

5. Surfer Girl Style

A choppy cut (and dip-dyed ends, if you so choose) can give your texture a little extra movement.

6. V-Shaped Layers

Those with dense, full hair should consider a style with lengthier hair in the rear and shorter hair in the front.

7. Barely-There Layers

Play with the length of each strand to add a touch of personality to your shoulder-length hairstyle.

Barely-There Layers

This style is ideal for those with fine or medium hair seeking texture.

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