Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

1. Shaggy Style

Add irregular layers to a shorter hairstyle like Cyrus.

Shaggy Style

This cut is ideal for an air-dried wave or loose bend because it generates immediate volume and dimension. 

2. Long Layers

Not positive how you feel about a layered appearance? As with Paltrow, enter the water with a few long layers.

Long Layers

It is polished but lends a touch of character to your trim.

3. Body-Boosting Cut

Anyone who regularly coils their hair should take a cue from George Clooney.

Body-Boosting Cut

If you do decide to swap between a center and side part, ensure that the front layers are not too short.

4. Face-Framing Look

Longoria demonstrates that a layered style can be quite subtle. 

Face-Framing Look

While the majority of her shoulder-length hairstyle is uniform, the two shorter sections in front accentuate her facial features.

5. Angled Layers

Regardless of length, color, or texture, asymmetric layers lend unrivaled exhilaration to any look. 

Angled Layers

To accomplish the edgy updo worn by the founder of Beis, instruct your stylist to add some pointed angles.

6. Curls

They create the appearance of length and volume while simultaneously making the hair appear thinner and less dense.

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