Life-Changing Events

1. Becoming Disabled

A common theme was "becoming disabled," as one person put it.

Becoming Disabled

Most especially while one is still quite young. You've got a mortgage and kids to take care of.

2. Eating Disorder

Oh my god, when I tell people I have an eating disorder, they tell me I should simply eat and that I'd be fine if.

Eating Disorder

I weren't so vain as to refuse food because I feel ashamed of my body.

3. Migraines

Migraines. One person said, "There's nothing like getting the aura to know your day is over.


A certain way to ruin your day, and perhaps the following two or three as well.

4. Grief

Someone said, "I lost my wife suddenly, and overnight I was a single parent.


After seeing those awful holiday advertisements, I just want to hide for the next two years. 

5. Psychosis

Psychosis," one person chimed in. Involuntary psychosis is terrible; I know. 


The casual application of the term to describe someone who is merely furious or throwing a tantrum irritates me.

6. Poverty

As the saying goes, "Nobody can understand the chronic decision fatigue and inescapable judgment when they see even the slightest misspending.

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