Life Experiences That Profoundly Change People Forever

1. War

To my civilian friends and coworkers, I almost never bring it up. It's not even that I find it awkward to broach the subject.


That they will never truly "get it" is something I've resigned myself to.

2. Addiction and Recovery

Substance abuse and sobriety were mentioned. The general public tends to view cleanliness as a sign of inferiority.

Addiction and Recovery

They view your inability to quit as a defect in your character. They don't realize how much control it takes over you.

3. Domestic Abuse

Another user said, "People blame the victims for not leaving instead of the abusers so often on this app.

Domestic Abuse

If there were no explanation for why victims of domestic violence often find it difficult to escape their abusers.

4. Stalking

The best way I can put it is that you never feel truly alone," said one user. 


No matter how long it's been since they last appeared and how impossible it is that they are still around, you are never truly alone.

5. Visa Process

The Visa Application Procedure," someone said. I can't speak to the complexities of other nations.

6. Anxiety

While many might relate to feeling nervous at times, "situational anxiety" is very different from the chronic anxiety experienced by those.

7. Being in Love

Someone once said, "When I fell in love for the first time, I finally understood all those cheesy love songs I used to hate.

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