Lose Weight By Cycling

1. Track yourself

Tracking your progress can motivate you on tough training days and help you optimize your rides. 

Track yourself

He advises using a heart rate chest strap to estimate calorie burn. 

2. Increase the intensity

Choose hilly routes to increase your rides' inclination. These factors will accelerate weight reduction.

Increase the intensity

This boosts resting calorie burn and turns your body into a 24-hour calorie burner.

3. Mix up your regimen

If you finish every ride exhausted, you're pushing too hard and won't get leaner or faster. 

Mix up your regimen

Going all-out releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which signals your body to retain belly fat.

4. Include HIIT

One or two weekly HIIT workouts will boost your weight loss. 

Include HIIT

You want to be between 70 and 90% of your heart rate for most of the session outside of the low-intensity intervals.

5. Ride in the morning

Fresh air and exercise will wake you up, and waking up sooner will become normal and simpler.

Ride in the morning

You'll have enough glycogen in your muscles to survive roughly two hours of fairly vigorous exercise.

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