Meal-Prep Plans for Weight Loss

Meal Prep

This 1,200-calorie meal-prep plan plans out a week of food and refreshments that can be fully packed ahead.

Meal Plan

This 30-day food plan helps you lose 8 pounds. This plan reuses food and leftovers through the month.

Diabetes Meal

This meal plan includes diabetes-friendly foods to help you lose weight and feel your best.


This sugar-detox eating plan helps you reduce weight and cut sugar. Cutting sugar helps maintain energy levels.

Vegan Meal Plan

Due to fiber-rich foods, a vegan diet may help you lose weight.


This 30-day low-carb diet plan includes tasty breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack options for a healthy weight reduction diet. 

Eating Vegetarian Meal

You'll nourish your body with nutritious plant-based whole meals and avoid added sweets.

Mediterranean Meal

The Mediterranean diet is known for being healthy and tasty. 

Vegan Weight-Loss 

This budget-friendly vegan meal plan helps you lose weight healthily. 

Eating Meal Plan

This summer's easy clean-eating meal plan answers the weight loss question.

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