Modern Haircuts for the Middle Part

1. Mid Low Fade

The mid-low fade is a popular men's hairstyle. 

Mid Low Fade

Mid-low fade haircuts, which feature a hard part comb over, line up, and sides trimmed down to the skin.

2. Mid Fade Undercut

The mid fade undercut is a trendy hairstyle for men who want to emphasize the sides and back of their head. 

Mid Fade Undercut

This medium fade undercut is extremely short on the sides, while the top is left long.

3. Mid Fade Comb Over

This mid fade comb over is a sophisticated update to the classic hairstyle.

Mid Fade Comb Over

This comb over haircut has a firm part and a swept-back front for a structured look. 

4. Mid Fade Quiff

The medium fade offers numerous seductive hairstyles.

Mid Fade Quiff

The fade haircut complements all hairstyles, including this brief Quiff.

5. Mid Skin Fade

Combined with a line design and tattoo, this mid-skin fade may be considered rebellious and seductive. 

Mid Skin Fade

The faux hawk fade is styled organically for optimal volume and flow to complete the bad boy appearance.

6. Mid Level Fade

By drawing attention to your lengthier, texturized hair on top, a haircut with a mid-level fade can elevate your overall appearance. 

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