Most-eaten Foods In America

1. Burgers

America, it would appear, has a burger problem.


There are estimates that the average American consumes three hamburgers each week, or 50 billion hamburgers annually. 

2. Pizza

Pizza, whether a traditional New York slice, a stone-baked sourdough, or a Chicago deep-dish pie, is a staple in almost every American city. 


Some estimates put the number of individuals who consume frozen pizza in the United States at around 200 million, or well over half of the population.

3. Tacos

It would be surprising if a city or town didn't have at least a single dining establishment.


Estimates imply that Americans consume more than 4.5 billion tacos annually, however pinpointing an exact number is difficult.

4. French fries

American consumers gobble up French fries like there's no tomorrow.

French fries

The typical American consumes 77 large McDonald's fries each year, or around 13 kilograms (29 pounds).

5. Cheese

Americans devour it in every form imaginable: slathered on burgers, grated over pasta.

6. Biscuits and gravy

The appearance and flavor of biscuits and gravy might vary from country to country. 

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