Most Popular American Chicken Dishes

1. Popcorn Chicken

The American dish known as "popcorn chicken" consists of bite-sized pieces of poultry that have been breaded or battered and deep-fried.

Popcorn Chicken

The name of the dish refers to the tiny pieces of chicken that, after being fried, resemble popcorn.

2. Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are an American invention consisting of breadcrumb-coated strips of white poultry flesh that are deep-fried in hot oil. 

Chicken Fingers

They are typically served as an appetizer or a nibble, but they can also be consumed as a main course.

3. Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is an American-Chinese dish prepared by deep-frying deboned and battered chicken parts.

Sesame Chicken

The delicacy is also garnished with toasted or untoasted sesame seeds, which gives it its name.

4. Chicken Tenders

poultry tenders are breaded and fried strips of the pectoralis minor muscle, which is located beneath the poultry breast. 

Chicken Tenders

When adequately prepared, the meat should be moister and more tender than chicken fingers, which are made from chicken breast.

5. Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a signature dish of Nashville, Tennessee, composed traditionally of chicken parts fried in cayenne pepper paste until they turn rusty red. 

Hot Chicken

Typically, it is served on white bread segments with sliced pickles or coleslaw on the side.

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