Most Popular Desserts In America

1. Cheesecake

You may believe that the cheesecake originated in New York, but its roots can be traced back to ancient Greece and the island of Samos. 


It is served without any additional ingredients or garnishes.

2. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are no longer just for children. And if you want a dessert that is completely customized for you.


They are exquisite miniature representations of every flavor of cake imaginable.

3. Jell-O

Always make space for Jell-O. At least, so claims the dessert's famous vintage advertisement slogan.


Jell-O is a brand name, but it has become synonymous with any type of gelatin confection, and the jiggling has an undeniable appeal. 

4. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake may be considered "healthy" because it contains carrots, but it is still a dense, sugary confection. 

Carrot Cake

Carrots are healthy, so carrot cake cannot be all that awful, right? Actually, not at all.

5. Apple Pie

Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie are unmistakably American. However, apple pie did not originate in the United States.

Apple Pie

Apple pies and pastries date all the way back to the 14th century in Europe. 

6. Ice Cream

It is believed that Marco Polo brought the concept to Italy, where the modern ice cream we enjoy today was created in the seventeenth century.

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