Most Underrated Fast Food Items


Dairy Queen's prawn poppers are nostalgic. Delicious and unsettling.

Shrimp Poppers

A classic. Like chicken nuggets but not french fries.

Chicken Fries

Domino's volcano cakes, the sweetest dessert, go nicely with pizza. 

Domino's Lava Cake

Cheesy gordita crunch awaits. Never has a quesadilla-wrapped hard taco looked better.

Gordita Crunch

McDonald's breakfast beats everything. Since it's offered all day, it's perfect.


Burger King's potatoes aren't bland or salty.

Burger King

Taco Bell's newest chicken nuggets are fantastic.

Chicken Chips

Pizza Hut is underrated but good. Layered crust pizza brings back the 2000s.

Pizza Hut

White Castle Sliders bun, food item, egg, bread Jenny Nigro.

White Castle's Sliders

I love fast food, and you might too. Where to go for overly salty, fatty delight. 

KFC's Potato Wedges

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