Plants You Will Regret Having Grown

1. Bradford Pear

Many gardens include Bradford pear trees due to their quick growth and plentiful blossoms.

Bradford Pear

Despite their beauty, these trees have fragile branches and foul-smelling blossoms.

2. Amaranth

This short-lived perennial, known as amaranthus, is beautiful yet pollenous.


This plant will make gardening unpleasant for seasonal allergy sufferers.

3. Belladonna

This beautiful flowered plant is deadly nightshade.


Since its luscious berries may attract children and dogs, belladonna is unsafe to cultivate in a home garden.

4. Euphorbia

This hardy perennial succulent is simple to maintain and an ideal plant for novice gardeners.


Large and aesthetically pleasing, euphorbia is an invasive species whose sap is toxic to humans

5. Wisteria

The wisteria plant is a beautiful climbing vine that grows like a tree, and its purple blossoms that resemble waterfalls are highly appealing to cultivators.


Not only does it require constant pruning, but it is also an invasive, long-lived species.

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