Popular meals that are far older than you imagined


It is generally considered that cheese became extensively consumed before milk. 


Delicious pilaf may be found all over the world, but its roots can be traced back to ancient Persia.

Rice pudding

The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of kheer, a sweet and soothing rice pudding. 


Hamburgers, perhaps the most popular cuisine in the world, have its origins in 4th-century Rome. 


Cakes have been around for at least five thousand years; the oldest ones were basically just sweetened variations of bread. 


One of the earliest examples of human cuisine are hearty stews. 

Bone soup

Bone soup was a mainstay of traditional Chinese cuisine not just because it was delicious.


It's hard to find someone who doesn't like focaccia when it's bright, herby, and tasty.


Served with many different meals, chutney was first created in eastern India over two thousand years ago as a fresh blend of tomatoes, onions, and almonds.

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