Restaurants in Colorado College Dorms


Our cherished first-year housing options are the three Big Macs.


The dorms in Old Town are nicer than the large dorms, yet they are still dormitories. 

Domino's Pizza

You are mature enough to try out "independent living" by the time you are a junior. 

Taco Bell

You might wonder why you should even bother entering a place with sticky floors and mismatched furniture.


They were hip in their day, but today everyone considers them antiquated.

Noodles and Company

Americanized versions of their traditional dishes are served, but only the housemates ever show up.


You'll always make the effort to cross the street and walk along side the Synergy house because of the friendly atmosphere there


You say now is the time for you to make a change, but every time you come here, you order the exact same thing.

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