Slow Cooker Dishes You Must Try


This jambalaya is made with sausage, chicken, and shrimp, and it is cooked low and slow for maximum flavor.

Mongolian beef

Mongolian beef is so delicious, it will practically melt in your lips. It just takes a few minutes to whip up, but the results are flawless.

Chicken tikka masala 

The sweet and spicy sauce in chicken tikka masala is a fan favorite because of the dish's thick, creamy texture. 

Butternut squash soup

Simply add chopped vegetables, heat on low, and then puree using an immersion blender. 

Slow cooker ribs

The meat on these ribs will practically dissolve in your tongue. Tenderness is achieved by gradual cooking.

sugar-glazed baby carrots

In search of the ideal accompaniment? In such case, have a look at these tasty carrots with a glaze. 

Cashew chicken

The cashews, which are buried under the chili sauce, add the perfect amount of crunch.

Chicken cacciatore 

You won't be sorry if you use your slow cooker to make this traditional chicken cacciatore.

potato soup

Probably the finest soup you've ever had that includes potatoes. It's rich and satisfying, with all the flavor of a baked potato.

Kalua pulled pork

This pulled pork in the Hawaiian style is perfect for sandwiches. It's smoky flavor and soft texture will make your mouth water.

bell peppers

These tasty bell peppers are slow-cooked in a slow cooker with ground chicken, rice, and tomatoes.

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