Spring Hair Colors You’ll See Everywhere

Matte Rose Gold

This subdued dye job is all about millennial pink, whether it's permanent or temporary.


She's still alive, and she's just as entertaining as ever.

Root Beer

Put away your boring brown glasses. The combination of warm-toned highs and lows is what gives this hue its incredible depth.


Keep the caramel highlights in little doses so they come as a pleasant surprise, for example, when you do your signature hair flip.

Aquatic Teal

This emerald greenish blue color will satisfy your need for novelty.


It's also more practical for everyday use than you may imagine.

Buttery Blonde

Everything you love about butter, but now for your hair. Basically, it's diet-friendly enough for Beyoncé.


Neither completely white nor completely gray. This grayish shade has started showing up everywhere, in any size. 

ecru hair color

This gentle lightness is essentially monochromatic blonde with very slight shading differences.

exposted roots hair

The world needs to see that brunettes and blondes can have just as much fun with their hair colored both light and dark.

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