Store-bought "Ice Creams"

Breyers Frozen 

Breyers is a well-known ice cream manufacturer, but approximately ten years ago.

Breyers Frozen 

On its official website, the ice cream company brags about being "able to deliver" this silkier consistency in their frozen dairy desserts.

Friendly's Frozen

Even though Friendly's is well-known for its ice cream, that doesn't mean it doesn't sell any pretenders. 

Friendly's Frozen

The eating establishment chain's website features 96 different items, including various frozen dairy desserts including.

Reese's Frozen

Two of the seven new Reese's frozen delights released to kick off  are prepared with.

Reese's Frozen

Five of the six desserts start with a frozen dairy dish that is either chocolate or peanut butter flavored.

Good Humor Bars

Good Humor's pudding-inspired bars are ice cream truck favorites, but they're not FDA-approved ice cream. 

Certain Klondike Bars

Klondike's original vanilla ice cream bars are manufactured with "light ice cream," but other items are not. 

Blue Bunny Sandwiches

Blue Bunny simplifies its packaging by putting "Sandwiches" in a larger print and "Frozen Dairy Dessert" in smaller letters.

Blue Ribbon Classics Bars

We make memories to last a lifetime" appears on numerous product pages. One delightful, ice cream bite."

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