Surprising Food Facts You Had No Idea About

red food

Carminic acid, also known as carmine, is a prevalent red food coloring derived from the pulverized corpses of the Dactylopius coccus beetle.

Chili peppers

Capsaicin, a chemical found in chili peppers, naturally binds to the pain receptors in our neurons.

Cheeses and cereals

Cellulose consists primarily of debris. It is used to prevent clotting in various grated cheese products and cereals.


Honey in its natural state is extremely low in water content and high in acidity. 


Rarely will you discover a maize ear with an uneven number of kernels. In addition, a typical ear of maize has sixteen ridges.


Avocados are categorized as berries with a sizable seed. 


However, this was due to the high acidity of the tomatoes, which caused lead to discharge from the pewter tableware.


In addition to the usual benefits of greens, broccoli contains more protein than steak.


In addition, it does not contain saturated or trans lipids or cholesterol.


Even though there are more than a thousand varieties of bananas in the world.

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