Sweet Snacks That Are Low on Sugar

1) Sugar-free jello and pudding

Sugar-free gelatin and pudding may not be particularly filling, but they can help satiate a sweet tooth in a pinch.

2) Protein Ice Cream

Due to the ingenuity of food manufacturers, ice cream now contains less sugar, fewer calories, and more protein.

3) Dark Chocolate

Dieters can have chocolate. Dark chocolate has less sugar and provides some nutrients.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate contains antioxidants, fiber, iron, and magnesium. Chocolate also boosts mood with feel-good hormones. Stop at two bites.

4) Fruit

Dried fruit provides the same nutrition as fresh fruit but in a reduced serving size.

5) Greek Yogurt with Honey

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein that is gentle on the digestive tract and satisfies appetite.

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