The 6 Least Productive Zodiac Signs

1. Taurus

Only a healthy housecat has a greater dedication to relaxation than Taurus, the faithful Bull. 


Your propensity for luxury as well as the finest things about life often results in a somewhat lax attitude toward work. 

2. Cancer

Cancer lobsters are more concerned with providing care for others than with completing tasks. 


You may find yourself spending countless hours ensuring the comfort of others, while your own responsibilities build up like dirty laundry after a getaway lasting two weeks. 

3. Libra

Your indecision is as well-known as your allure. 


Sometimes it seems as though you spend more time assessing the advantages and disadvantages than actually performing the task.

4. Sagittarius

Rather than being tethered to a workstation, you are more likely to be found plotting your next adventure.


The boring duties of daily life are no match for the allure of the open road and distant lands

5. Pisces

You are more in tune with the ethereal domain of dreams and imagination than the material world of efficiency.


You would rather create a work of art or write a novel than engage in tedious duties.

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