The All-time Favorite Desserts In America

1. Fudge

The only issue with fudge is that it is virtually impossible to consume only one or two squares.


Traditionalists can opt for milk or dark chocolate, while nut lovers can add hazelnuts or macadamias for added crunch.

2. German Chocolate Cake

There is no such thing as a bad chocolate cake, particularly a dense German chocolate cake.

German Chocolate Cake

It was then that the Dallas Morning Star published the recipe for what is now known as German chocolate cake; the rest is history.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rarely is there a more beloved cookie recipe than the classic chocolate chip.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The original recipe for Nestlé Toll House's Original Chocolate Chip Cookies was created by Wakefield.

4. Brownies

Some brownie enthusiasts prefer their confections to have a cake-like consistency, while others favor a fudgier, moister texture.


How your brownies turn out is typically determined by the number of eggs and oil used in the recipe, as well as the length of time they are baked.

5. Apple Pie

By the 18th century, apple pie was commonly found in American cookbooks.

Apple Pie

The earliest apple pie recipes date back to 1390, when honey was substituted for the seldom-used sugar. 

6. Carrot Cake

Carrots are healthy, so carrot cake cannot be all that awful, right? Actually, not at all.

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