the perfect weight loss lunch

Herbed Shrimp

With a ton of protein to keep you full, this 15-minute meal is the ideal, fresh addition to your lunch box, and it keeps nicely in the fridge.

Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Make these fajitas in 30 minutes for a crowd-pleasing lunch that's packed with flavor. 

Black Bean Soup

Relax with a cup of this smokey black bean soup brimming with savory ingredients like tomatillos, chiles, and fire-roasted tomatoes.

Lettuce Cups

You may make a hearty and tasty lunch by packing some lettuce leaves, some ground turkey flavored in the Thai style

Vegetable Fried Rice

Get an extra side of rice the next time you order takeout so you can make this easy and tasty fried rice at home. 

Salmon Bowls

Though some coworkers might turn up their noses at seafood at room temperature.

Fruit Vinaigrette

A traditional chicken salad may not seem like much, but it is elevated by the addition of a passion fruit vinaigrette, which is tangy, fruity, and slightly acidic. 

Spicy Mayo

Salmon and spicy mayonnaise provide a new dimension to this Vietnamese classic.

Crunchy Turkey Salad

This high-protein lunch can be prepared in only 15 minutes, unlike salads that tend to go soggy while meal prepping. 

Egg Chopped Salad

The protein-rich shrimp and eggs, the heart-healthy fats in the avocado, and the variety of vegetables in the salad all contribute to your daily vegetable intake requirements.

Chopped Salad

A simple bed of greens, beans, cucumbers, red peppers, and spicy shrimp makes this salad extremely full, high in protein, and quick to throw together on a weeknight.

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