The Ultimate Weight Loss Exercises

1. Body workout

This is one of the few sports on the list that develops coordination, reflexes, stamina, and strength.

Body workout

As an added benefit, you will also learn some self-defense techniques.

2. CrossFit

This fitness trend is an efficient fat-burner. 


One hour of exercise can expend up to 800 calories, depending on the intensity.

3. Row

Rowing may not be the most popular form of exercise, but it can expend between 400 and 600 calories per hour. 


Cycling, whether practiced outdoors or in a spin class, is one of the pursuits that burns the most fat.

4. HIIT sessions

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which entails working as hard as possible, followed by a brief pause, and then repeating.

HIIT sessions

These exercises are extremely effective and drive you to your absolute limit.

5. Walk on

Never undervalue the effectiveness of a leisurely stroll. 

Walk on

Walks are a relaxing and pleasurable method to exercise and travel. During one hour of hiking, you can expend up to 450 calories.

6. Weightlifting

If you believe that lifting weights is only beneficial for getting muscular, you're gravely mistaken.

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