These 5 Activities Will Burn As Many Calories As Walking

1. Gardening

In numerous ways, playing in the soil can be beneficial.


Planting flowers, harvesting vegetables, and removing weeds is beneficial to your mental health.


It is also beneficial to your waistline; if you weigh approximately 155 pounds, gardening can help you expend 162 calories in 30 minutes.

2. Deep Cleaning

Need to get some exercise but must also tidy the home? Crank up some tracks and get moving! Try to be as physically active as you can.

Deep Cleaning

Reach up to clean the peaks of the windows, and then reach down to clean the baseboards.

Deep Cleaning

Spring cleaning, including window washing and vehicle cleaning, consumes 162 calories per half hour.

3. Taking Care of the Lawn

Taking care of your lawn, whether with a power lawnmower or a snow plow, can provide health benefits.

Taking Care of the Lawn

Raking your leaves can also expend 144 calories every 30 minutes.

4. Playing With Your Kids

Playing moderately active games with your children or descendants will benefit you in multiple ways.

Playing With Your Kids

You will be the coolest parent or grandparent.

5. Home Renovation

Weekend adventurers, rejoice! Even more calories are burned by remodeling than by strolling. 

Home Renovation

Therefore, remove the unsightly wallpaper from the guest room and paint it in this lovely blue-gray hue with an accent wall.

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