These are the fastest belly fat-burning exercises

Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams above are a great way to work against gravity and improve your core.

Ball Slams

Every time you pick up the ball and bring it above, your heart rate increases, making this a great endurance test as well.

2. Russian Twists

The Russian twist is an excellent core workout for enhancing oblique strength and definition.

Russian Twists

The exercise is sustaining a sit-up position with your feet off the ground and rotating your torso from side to side while grasping a medicine ball or plate.

3. Ball Planks

You are well aware that cardio is essential for shedding the fat that covers your abdominal muscles.

Ball Planks

What's his go-to for accomplishing that? Plank position on a BOSU ball.

4. Running 

A personal trainer based in Los Angeles, running uphill instead of flat can increase calorie burn by as much as 50 percent.


Penfold recommends beginning with five to ten minutes of walking on an inclination, whether that be a hill outside or a treadmill at the gym.

5. Rowing Machine

You can still incorporate this fat-burning cardio workout into your regular gym program even if you don't have access to open water.

Rowing Machine

In addition to getting your heart rate up and helping you blast calories and burn fat.


When it comes to fat loss, newer research suggests that high-intensity interval training is far superior to longer, slower cardio workouts.


San Antonio-based fitness and wellness expert Hope Pedraza, founder of inBalance and holder.

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