These at-home exercises tone inner thighs

1. Sumo squats

If you want to enhance your strength overall, adds Singh, you should start by doing sumo squats.

Sumo squats

Stand tall, toes turned out, feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Holding anything with each hand is inappropriate.

2. Goblet squat

The goblet squat is a great way to strengthen your inner thighs and lower body as a whole. 

Goblet squat

The inner thighs and lower legs will be significantly strengthened by this workout.

3. Butterfly stretch

The butterfly stretch is great for increasing flexibility and opening up the thighs.

Butterfly stretch

The muscles on the inner thigh become lengthened and loosened up as a result. 

4. Side leg raise

This is a wonderful all-around bodyweight workout that gets your muscles working. 

Side leg raise

This is a fantastic and straightforward way to strengthen your outer and inner thighs.

5. out squat

To get the glutes warmed up, you may incorporate this into your warmup.

out squat

Step far to the right, then sit back until your thighs are parallel to the floor as you lower yourself.

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