Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Work

1. Eat Slowly

My customers taste each bite, and chew slowly. I tell them to chew gently, swallow after chewing, and repeat.

2. Enjoy the Food You Eat

Discover tasty new recipes. Herbs and spices enhance flavor.

3. Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

Whether we recognize it or not, emotions affect our eating habits. We may eat to relieve stress.

4. Don’t Forget the Weights

Weightlift twice or three times a week. More muscle means more fuel, not fat.

5. Sleep Enough

Sleep deprivation increases ghrelin and reduces leptin, which can lead to weight gain.

6. Don’t Skip Meals

Remember, our body's objective is survival. When deprived of food, our bodies will act to survive.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking two glasses of water before a meal helped people lose weight and keep it off.

8. Reorganize Your Plate

Switching grains and veggies on your plate will make a difference.

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