Top 10 Happiest Countries' Food


The Fins' Karelian pasty, a curved, access-faced hand pie, may have contributed.

Finland - Karelian Pasties

Smørrebrød, Denmark's national lunch, is an access-faced sandwich. 

Denmark - Smørrebrød

Norway, home of a number of the world's greatest smoked salmon, was the third happiest nation around the world.

Norway Smoked Salmon

Icelanders love hot dogs. The neighborhood hot dog vendor can save people and visitors in a country with few prepared meal options.

Iceland: Hot Dogs

We think stroopwafel may contribute to Dutch happiness, along with the affection they have of canals and tulips.

Netherlands Stroopwafels

Since Switzerland's national dish, raclette, is melted cheese, we're surprised it didn't top the world's happiest list.

Switzerland Raclette

Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, which taste like cranberries and are often cooked into jam, are a popular dish. 

Sweden Meatballs

A good Kiwi bakery has many delicious pastries, but hand doughnuts are the most popular. 

New Zealand - Hand Pies

Canada, our lovely neighbours to the north, is recognized for many things other than their love of hockey and, you know.

Canada Poutine

A thinly pounded, deep-fried veal cutlet is one of the most well-known Viennese specialties and an Austrian provincial treasure.

Austria – Wienerschnitzel

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