Top 4 5-Minute Workouts for Slimming Down

1. Hollow Rocks

This strenuous exercise will significantly strengthen your core.

Hollow Rocks

You commence the hollow rock by lying on your back on an exercise mat.

2. Burpees

To begin Burpees, place your feet shoulder-width apart on the ground. 


As you squat down and assume a high posture, engage your core. Plant both palms on the ground while extending your legs behind you.

3. Ab Crunches

You commence elbow ab crunches by lying on your back on a workout mat. 

Ab Crunches

Place the palms of your hands behind your head. Bend both knees and raise both feet off the ground. 

4. Squat Jumps

To initiate sumo squat jumps, adopt a wide stance with slightly angled feet. 

Squat Jumps

Then, descend into a sumo squat until your quadriceps are parallel to the ground. 

5. Boxing Punches

Maintain an upright upper body for boxing punches that alternate. 

Boxing Punches

Return it to the starting position and strike forward with your right hand. Continue alternating for 30 repetitions.

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