Top 5 Winter Natural Hairstyles

1. Wet & Wavy Bob

Let's be honest: every once in a while, we crave a stylish bob. 

Wet & Wavy Bob

Even if a classic bob would do, this season's it hairstyle for naturalistas is the damp look. 

2. Boho Knotless Braids

It's hardly surprising that knotless braids would become popular in the winter after the emergence of boho braids and locs in the previous season. 

Boho Knotless Braids

Boho knotless braids] don't need much maintenance and are beautiful on any hair texture. 

3. Clouding

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While Adams acknowledges that the current look may be replicated at home.

4. Curly Twist Out

This method is a total game-changer for women with curly hair

Curly Twist Out

This style can help them thrive throughout the colder months as you pay attention to keeping your hair hydrated and in good condition.

5. Half Up, Half Down

The half-up, half-down style is the one that has caught our eye.

Half Up, Half Down

While there are other variations on the half-up, half-down style.

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