Top 8 Summer Hair Colors to Try in 2023

1. Ginger Hazel

If you've been considering a copper shade this year, look no further than this fashionable hue that is particularly flattering on brunette women. 

Ginger Hazel

To obtain this color, glaze your brunette foundation with copper to add depth and richness. 

2. Burnt Ends

Think of those Aussies or New York City surfers who have the perfect shade of salted highlights.

Burnt Ends

You can't help but admire them when you're in their presence.

3. Warm Brunette

As demonstrated by this balayage technique that complements all skin tones.

4. Expensive Brunette

If you believe that the pricy brunette trend was waning, you have not been paying attention.

Expensive Brunette

This shade adds a hint of dimension to your strands, emphasizing the movement of your hair.

5. Warm Blondes

This color demonstrates that blondes have significantly more enjoyment this summer. 

6. Natural Copper

Megan Fox, Jessica Chastain, and Eva Mendes all continue to sport copper tresses this summer.

7. Signature Blondes

Blondes are always a popular request during the summer but this year we're switching from ash to warm tones.

8. Bleach Blonde

Currently, Barbiecore is thriving, so it is only appropriate that we have a peroxide blonde moment this summer.

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