Top Healthy Vegetable Dishes 

1. Mushroom & Spinach Risotto

It is very decadent and luxurious! I frequently add prepared chicken cubes to this main dish to make it more filling and protein-rich.

2. Cider Baked Squash

I am a freelance writer who occasionally requires a break from a lengthy story-writing session. 

Cider Baked Squash

Then, I retreat to the kitchen to prepare something delicious and simple to prepare.

3. Chive Smashed Potatoes

This is now the only method we prepare mashed potatoes. They are substantial, delicious, and appealing.

4. Brussels Sprouts with Leeks

Since we both enjoy Brussel sprouts, I frequently experiment with flavor-enhancing combinations.

5. Roasted Fall Vegetables

On chilly evenings, I enjoy serving this tender vegetable side dish as part of a hearty supper.

6. Acorn Squash Slices

This dish has a pleasant sweetness from maple syrup and a pleasing nuttiness from almonds. 

7. Butternut Squash Custard

Since he relished it so much, he suggested I serve it at every Thanksgiving meal.

8. Creamed Pearl Onions

When our children were young, Christmas was always celebrated at our home. 

9. Special Creamed Corn

This maize has earned a permanent spot on our holiday menus. 

10. Minty Peas and Onions

Whenever she was in a rush and required a speedy side dish.

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