Top Reasons For Gaining Weight

1. Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a significant cause of sudden weight gain(1). It functions in two methods.

Lack of Sleep

Late-night sleeping increases the likelihood of nibbling and consuming calories.

2. Stress

The modern world places a premium on perfection, and the rat race has a tendency to increase human anxiety.


Stress is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle because it increases susceptibility to vulnerabilities.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of Extreme Weight Gain.


The majority of women acquire a substantial amount of weight during their nine-month pregnancy.

4. Junk/Processed Foods

The consumption of refined foods is unquestionably one of the most dangerous causes of excessive weight gain.

Junk/Processed Foods

Massive quantities of vegetable oils and refined products with no nutritional value are utilized in the preparation of processed and junk foods.

6. Sugar/ Soda

The consumption of carbonated and sugary beverages must be one of the deadliest causes of rapid weight gain.

Sugar/ Soda

Sodas and fruit beverages are one of the leading causes of obesity and are extremely detrimental to health.

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