Top Trending Hair Colors for 2023

1. Coral Hair

Wearing Pantone's color of the year on your head is the ultimate fashion statement. 

Coral Hair

This brilliant shade is surprisingly wearable because to its gentle combination of cool and warm tones.

2. Copper Highlights

Learn how to quickly and simply lighten your dark hair color. 

Copper Highlights

To make the color pop, have your colorist apply a combination of amber and golden highlights.

3. Dirty Brunette

This neutral color is sure to be a major trend this year since it works well with both cold and warm undertones.

4. Shadowed Roots

Once frowned upon, roots are now a defining feature of what we call "cool girl" hair. 

Shadowed Roots

Add depth and buy yourself some time using shadowed roots. 

5. Ice Blond Hair

Searches on Pinterest for "icy hair" have increased by 45 percent in the last month. 

Ice Blond Hair

This near-white color has strong icicle undertones because to its icy blue overtones and its brightness level that's just a notch above platinum.

6. Jet Black Hair

Like Cher, if she could change the past, she would.

7. Fiery Orange

This flamboyant fashion is owed to Lady Gaga's performance in A Star Is Born. 

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