Top Vegetables For Home Canning

1. Peas

Fresh peas are fragrant and crunchy, making them the ideal summertime treat.


While many cultivators choose to preserve peas by freezing them, peas can also be canned at home.

2. Pickled onions

If you have ever had pickled onions on a delicious pork taco at a taqueria, you understand what pickled onions are. 

Pickled onions

This piquant condiment is simple to make and preserve at home, so you can always have it on hand.

3. Cabbage

The most common method of home-canning cabbage is by producing traditional sauerkraut.


Even more strongly, they advise against adding it to any home-canned soups.

4. Corn

Obviously, a whole ear of corn on the cob cannot be canned. 


However, you can harvest and preserve these brilliant yellow kernels at home.

5. Squash

Surprisingly, both winter and summer squash can be preserved at home, but each requires a distinct process.


Similar to butternut, acorn, and pumpkin, winter squash has a tough exterior and must be pressure-canned. 

6. Okra

While okra is a prominent vegetable in the southern United States, many people in the North are unfamiliar with it.

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