Trendy Haircuts for College Dudes

Slicked Back Pompadour Fade

The slicked-back pompadour is a style that emphasizes volume by keeping the top lengthier than the sides.

Slicked Back Pompadour Fade

The faded sides tame the final style and define the jaw for a mature appearance.

Messy Thick Hair

The last thing you want to think about in college is arranging your hair every morning. 

Messy Thick Hair

Messy, thick hair is a great method to circumvent this, as it requires little effort to look stylish.

Textured Quiff with Part and Fade

A textured quiff is a classic hairstyle that allows men with thicker hair to adopt a high-volume appearance.

Spiky Crew Cut

If you're a frat guy who prefers to focus on his schoolwork and requires a manageable cut, the spiky crew cut is an edgy, easy-to-achieve style that always looks good.

Long Shaggy Hair

Long, unruly hair is a fantastic style for young males with straight hair. 

Long Shaggy Hair

If you use a razor to cut your hair in sections, you can achieve a star-studded design that appears effortless. 

High and Tight Taper

The high and tight is a simple haircut that your roommate can perform in the common area. 

High Fade

The side-swept crew cut is a versatile style for college-aged men who desire low-maintenance, effortlessly masculine short sides.

Short Thick Hair with Low Drop Fade

A low-drop fade keeps more weight in the back, so your hairstyle appears fuller and stays fresh for weeks.

Low Taper Fade

This haircut features voluminous bangs and textured spikes throughout the crown. 

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