Try These Summer Hair Colors in 2023

1. Dark Honey

There has been an increase in the popularity of shades that reside between blonde and brown.

Dark Honey

This is due to clients prioritizing their hair health and desiring a color that requires minimal maintenance during the summer.

2. Ice Spice Red

If you are unaware of Ice Spice, there's a good possibility you've heard one of her popular songs or seen her red 'fro on the red carpet. 

Ice Spice Red

This summer, admirers plan to replicate her vibrant hue on their own wavy hair.

3. Bronde Rose

Summer is synonymous with having fun, so there's no greater opportunity for black women to try rose tones.

Bronde Rose

The procedure focuses on enhancing your hair with a rosy red tint, and the results will depend on whether you want to go mild.

4. Warm Sunset Red

Red maintains its reign as the season's most popular hair color, and this mellow sunset shade exemplifies why it is such a flattering option.

5. Low-Maintenance Platinum

Everyone desires blonde hair during the summer, but no one desires the maintenance that platinum hair requires. 

6. Bronde

This color has universal appeal because it falls in the center of the hair color continuum.

7. Cool Brunette

This hair color gives darker locks a suggestion of depth and dimension.

8. French Balayage

This color is gaining popularity as we strive to encourage natural-looking hair with rich, clear color tones.

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