U.S. Food Truck Capitals


Food trucks are a must-try in Portland. To clarify: Food stalls are vendors here. 

Portland, Oregon

Food trucks thrive in Los Angeles due to its year-round sunshine. 

Los Angeles

Austin's food scene is famous for its food trucks. Over 1,000 trucks offer convenient, inexpensive food. 


The city of New York City is a gastronomic powerhouse, and mobile restaurants are part of its charm. 

New York

In this cook-driven city with rigorous regulations, food trucks compete with brick-and-mortar restaurants. 

San Francisco

Honolulu's food trucks represent its many ethnicities and traditions. Giovanni's Crustaceans Truck, which serves turmeric-and-butter shrimp


Outdoor living defines this surfer town. San Diego's food truck culture, with beaches and gorgeous views, is developing. 

San Diego

Houston's food scene thrives without zoning Unexpected places may have your next favorite meal. 


Immigrant-run food trucks in California provide Mexican tacos, birria, and tortas. Food alternatives are vast and rising. 


Instead, the city celebrates its Southern heritage through its vibrant food truck culture. 


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