Unexplained Weight Loss: Possible Reasons

over-active thyroid

This implies your thyroid—the butterfly-shaped glands in your neck that regulates metabolism and growth.

over-active thyroid

She believes overactive thyroids can cause sleep issues and constant heat.

eating enough

Weight loss—not weight gain—increases the chance of mortality later in life. 

eating enough

He adds that aging slows stomach emptying, making you feel fuller longer. 

celiac disease

Celiac disease—an autoimmune illness in which gluten damages the small intestine—can induce weight loss and other GI symptoms including bloating and diarrhea.


When celiacs ingest gluten, their immune systems react. 

struggling with depression

Despair, and emotional distress can affect weight. Clinical depression can cause weight loss if you don't realize it's caused by hunger loss.


Depression also causes irritability, frequent drinking, indecision, and sleep issues.


Pancreatitis, which generates digestive enzymes, can also cause unexpected weight loss.


After consuming fatty meals, check for stomach discomfort, diarrhea, greasy stool, and nausea.

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